Ray Bradbury - There Will Come Soft Rains 
read by Leonard Nimoy


Moulin Rouge Dancer c.1921 
via wikimedia.org 


Moulin Rouge Dancer c.1921 

via wikimedia.org 

Check out this video for Stranded by Dave “Squids” Kerzner which he had me create for him over the past week and now it’s launched just on time to kick off the launch of this new single today! You can pick it up on iTunes, Bandcamp etc… You will LOVE it if you dig Pink Floyd, Genesis, ELO, Queen… And all that great snazzy snazzy from the progressive of good prog rock! 

"Stranded" is the first release from Dave Kerzner, former member of the progressive rock band Sound of Contact and co-writer/producer of "Dimensionaut". The song is a 5-part "rock opera" that starts off Dave’s forthcoming concept album called "New World" (Expected to be released in October through his independent RecPlay label). It features special guests Steve Hackett (Genesis) and Fernando Perdomo on guitars, Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd, Jason Scheff (Chicago) and Ana Cristina on backing vocals, Nick D’Virgilio (Tears for Fears, Genesis) on drums with Dave Kerzner on lead vocals and keys. The song was mixed by Tom Lord-Alge and mastered at Lurssen Mastering. 
All lyrics and music by Dave Kerzner. Lyric video created by Christine Leakey. Produced by Dave Kerzner.

"Stranded" is now available as a single on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/str… , Amazon, Google Play and other download sites. The full-length album version, instrumental mix and more is available as a downloadable “single/EP” in mp3 and FLAC from Dave’s Sonic Elements Bandcamp: https://sonicelements.bandcamp.com/

Sign up for the mailing list on http://www.davekerzner.com for the latest news and exclusive bonus music downloads. Pre-order the album “New World” by Dave Kerzner on CD here: http://www.esoundz.com/details.php?Pr… and a special extended Deluxe Edition CD bundle here: http://www.esoundz.com/details.php?ProductID=5336&refcode=NWYT

Christine Leakey - Goodnight Blue - 2009 improvisational

For my entire life, I’ve revelled in being silly! My mother, Aunts, Uncles and cousins on my French side of my family always encouraged me and my fellow spawn to act out songs and whatever we felt like doing that was creative. 

After joining in on some buffoonery with friends yesterday and with the recent death of Robin Williams, I felt compelled to dig up and share some of my captured less serious side… 

Here I am in 2009 at a friends house where we often find ourselves in rolling laughter until our eyes water the plants in their garden. 

Enjoy and don’t take life too seriously!


Since 2010, Lisa Elmaleh has followed folk musicians from Ohio to Georgia, capturing them with her nineteen-forties Century Universal 8 x 10 camera and the hundred-and-fifty-year-old tintype process. A look at the portraits: http://nyr.kr/1A6mVvE

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Please help me out!

I just learned I have been nominated for two categories through the Hamilton Spectator for local Hamilton business, services and arts. Blushing!!!!

The first nomination is for Graphic/Web Design. Please spread the love and happy good karma by voting for me daily here. Click the “Nominate” button beside my name, Christine Leakey: http://readerschoice.thespec.com/nominate/peopleprofessionals/graphicweb-designer

If you haven’t seen my work, you can here in my photos or here: http://www.christineleakey.com/cl/Christine_Leakey_Portfolio_Samples.pdf

The second nomination is for best local artist. I am a multi-disciplinery artist. I write and produce my own music, I make art which I hang in a local gallery entitled, Lister Arts to sell and more.
Please spread the love and happy good karma by voting for me daily here. Click the “Nominate” button beside my name, Christine Leakey: http://readerschoice.thespec.com/nominate/peopleprofessionals/local-artist

If you haven’t heard my music, please listen here:

And to view my art, you can go to my facebook page and check out my photos here (though I should post them here on tumblr and will start doing that!) http://www.facebook.com/christineleakeygraphicdesign

This is fantastic news for me and a great opportunity to gain some local exposure which I hope will generate work for me. My design work finances my music projects. The smallest gestures can really mean so much! Thanks so much for sharing happy and positive karma! :D

Check this awesome paper out that I’ve been using this year. It is sustainable, durable, recyclable, waterproof, acid free, requires less ink, smooth as silk, cuts with an Xacto knife like butter, and made from ROCK! I LOVE THIS PAPER!!!! :D 

Sometimes I keep stuff and sometimes I don’t. 
I caught this Ramones bass pick in mid air at their August 12, 1994 show at Lulu’s in Kitchener, Ontario (you can find the bootleg show online if you dig…) during the same month that I wrote my first song on the guitar for my first formed band The Double Feature Creatures entitled, Charlie’s Angels Superstars. After the concert when I met Joey and the Ramones backstage, my giggly friends and I got supercheez by way of goofy greetings and posturing that classic (and now somewhat cliché to mock) Charlie’s Angels pose. Good times! 

Here’s a time I didn’t keep something except for the memory…
t few years ago (‘09) for my birthday I went to NYC. The manager for the Ramones offered me one of Clem Burke’s (Blondie drummer) broken drumsticks which I declined. If I had caught it, then absolutely I would have kept it. But instead I enjoyed a guided tour of the Lower East side by one of my favourite drummers ever, Mr. Burke himself along with Cyril Jordan and friends in tow…. 

Fun memories and in the end, the memories are what matter more than any inanimate object.

How time flies! More than nine years ago, I began helping my sweet friend, Julie Angus and her husband Colin in various ways during an unprecedented expedition. Here are some photos from that time… And in May, 2006 - 8 years ago wow! - the world got to see our sweet Canadians become the first to ever circumnavigate the globe by only human power and earned Colin and Julie National Geographic Adventurers of the Year! If they can travel the world like this on zero emissions, we can all then make a greater effort to reduce emissions during our own routines. I will forever feel so honoured and proud to have been part of this process. The reward of giving to something like this is far greater than any job I’ve ever had before or since. 

Expedition Canada was the 1st circumnavigation of the globe by only human power
I was Media Manager, Music Supervisor, Sponsorship Scout, Sponsor

• Team sponsor and obtained title sponsorship from Truestar Health
• Pursued media from around the globe successfully resulting in several global publications in print, web and telev ision
including the Discovery Channel
• Obtained Julie’s first glossy women’s magazine spread in the US which led to her first book publishing deal
• Provided ocean weather reports
• Coordinated a greeting from media, a photoshoot and Truestar product delivery upon their St. Lucia arrival
• Organized a film screening fundraiser in Hamilton with significant silent auction items, catered food, Julie Angus as guest
speaker, and presented the expeditioners documentaries
• Designed the welcome back ceremonies print collateral and assisted the title sponsor at the ceremonies
• Music Supervisor and wrote the original score for their award winning documentary, Beyond the Horizon

“Christine Leakey is a talented graphic designer, marketing manager and event coordinator who proved to be a valuable asset to Angus Adventures. Her broad skill set was a key addition to our company and would be to a range of businesses.
I have known Christine for ten years and she has contributed significantly to the success of Angus Adventures, especially to our two year expedition to complete the first human powered circumnavigation of the planet. Christine was instrumental in liaising with sponsors and securing sponsorship. She handled media relations and sought out media coverage in print articles, online resources worldwide as well as television including the Discovery Channel. She designed and created the graphic materials, including placards and banners, for the expedition finale celebration in Vancouver. Her musical talent and connections was tremendously beneficial to the production of our documentary Beyond the Horizon where she sourced and secured the musical artists for the soundtrack and composed, sang and played the title track. 
Christine distinguished herself by consistently displaying innovative and original ideas on marketing and promotion. Her dedication helped us achieve not only our goal of completing the expedition but highlighting it to a broader audience through key media interviews including The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos and Canada AM, as well as two best-selling books and an award winning documentary.”
– Julie Angus, Angus Adventures

Happy #RecordStoreDay2014! Check out my limited edition lathe cut here! Get yours now, only 50 made! It’s been compared to Scott Walker in music blog reviews which I take as a huge compliment! The music was created for a Lynchian independent film made in the UK. http://christineleakey.bandcamp.com/album/my-heart-has-been-broken-by-one-unfit-to-name-2
Here are some reviews for it… http://www.christineleakeymusic.com/reviews—interviews.html
And here are some videos for it… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPPHrRHWc88https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bwmpugy1xc

Happy #RecordStoreDay2014! Check out my limited edition lathe cut here! Get yours now, only 50 made!

It’s been compared to Scott Walker in music blog reviews which I take as a huge compliment! The music was created for a Lynchian independent film made in the UK. 


Here are some reviews for it… http://www.christineleakeymusic.com/reviews—interviews.html

And here are some videos for it… 


The Derevolutions - Now You Know My Name

YES. Loving this!

Get it @ SC.

When I was a little girl, this cartoon was a personal favourite. My grandmaman was a milliner which if you’re not familiar is a hat designer. She was a lead designer for a hat factory in Montreal during the 20s and 30s and also opened her own hat shop. She pursued her career prior to finding love and marriage. She began married life later and while she was only 4’10”, she was a strong force like her mother. Oh and she loved to sing operatically. 

When I was a little girl I would go into her bedroom where there stood an electric felt hat form always with a hat. 

Here is a photo of my grandmaman: 

My Grandmaman, the milliner.

My mother used to sing songs to me every day during my entire time growing up. She just sang all the time and still does from time to time. This was a song she sang to be prior to seeing the cartoon and so when I did see it, I already knew I’d love it. I loved the story and sentiment. As much as it seems fitting for Valentine’s, it reminds me of Easter time… So with that said, Happy Easter!

Check out my friend Fernando Perdomo’s latest music video launched today, on time for Record Store Day! The song is quite endearing. Several women participated in sharing their record collections and passions including myself (with my victrola and chihuahua) :) Also, Christian Hamilton of CIUT’s Dementia 13 was visiting California when I connected her to Fernando and so that’s her holding up the Savage Rose album.

Fernando co-produced a beautiful album to check out, speaking of records… Linda Perhacs, The Soul of All Natural Things. Check it out: http://www.lindaperhacs.com

Enjoy! :)

Slip into a trinket dream while the birds play in the clouds amongst the stars who shine as spring blooms for you.

<3 Christine

Miss Betty Grable by Christine Leakey
video by Dan Zen

When I wrote this song, I was not aware of any scandals tied to Betty Grable. I was auto writing the lyrics. This is how I’ve written poetry over the years and some of my music. Sometimes I’ve gone to look up words in the dictionary that I’d write which i didn’t know the meaning to and the word would perfectly fit into the message of the poem. I am not saying this song I wrote connects in any way to the real Betty Grable but I just find it fascinating that there was any scandal surrounding her since the song has scandal in the lyrics. After I wrote the song, it sparked my curiosity to google whether she had any scandal tied to her and that is how I learned that there was tragedy in her life. 

I played all the instruments on this track, sang all the vocals, produced and engineered the music at my friend Danny Z’s studio (not Dan Zen) who set up the mic’s and drums for me. For many, this tune has become a favourite on my album, Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure. You can purchase the album here: http://christineleakey.bandcamp.com